Saturday, September 15, 2007

Habit forming Goals- Starting Oct 2007


- Track expenses for a month.


-Eliminate fizziy drinks
- Drinks 3L of water a day.
- Brown bag Lunch


- Declutter and set aside a place for everything.


- Establish a morning routine.
- Pray everyday and read everyday

SELF CARE (So self fish)

- Have a better facial care routine

My Ideal Self

After 24 years, I realised I need to take control of my life. There are certain goals I wish to achieve in the long run. So these are what I hope to achieve eventually

- Take control of my finances and spending, esp stop overusing my credit cards.
- Lose the excess weight and keep it off!!! Live an overall healthy life.
- Have a more organized and clutter free life.
- Get my MBA done and focus on improving on my career.
- Get a control over my temper and feelings.

3 and half months left goals!

So we are in the mid of Sept 07, so these are the goals I wish to achieve by Dec 2007.

- Achieve Savings Goal
-Lose atleast 25 pounds by Dec 31 2007
- Bring down debt to ZERO

18 Days Later

Crap! I cant believe I keep falling off.

I think I need to get more organized about this all. I have been reading Zen Habits and its seriously inspiring. I think I should make a list of goals which I wish to achieve by the end of 2007. At the same time, I am going to follow the 30 Day Challenge to create better habits for myself and improve myself on the whole.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

20 Days Later

I wrote my last post on Aug 8th about I wanted to be more responsible for , ME!…
I have fallen off the bang wagon and I am going to try again. I have been doing great at my job but three things need to be worked on:-

- my weight

-my finances

-myself- need to get more groomed, I roam around like a frump despite a load of clothes !

I am going to work on it and I am goin see tht on Dec 31 2007, there is some improvement!


I will list of the main goals and break them down into more workable goals. Also will set up a status bar on the blog to keep track of how its going.

- To Lose Weight and what more to keep it off!- I have tried to lose weight and I have done so successfully in the past but I keep putting it back on! I have to lose around 50 pounds to reach by goal weight and I am giving myself a year to do so. Starting today!

- To get out of the credit card debt and reach a positive networth- CCz the vice of very person out there in this day and age. I have little credit card debt but I need to get rid of it till it hits zero and develop positive adn practical spending habits and saving habits.

- To be more reponsible of my life and finances!- I like to go with the flow but I have goals and I think you need to be a tad more reponsible to reach them.

(first posted Aug 8th)

Lets give this a try!

(I used wordpress previously but I am more comfortable with blogger. So I have mentioned when the post were first published)

I am trying alright, for the nth time to do two things - lose weight and get my finances together which actually leads to one thing- TAKING CHARGE OF MY LIFE!!

I fall of the band wagon easily time and time again. Both of the above goals are achievable. I am goin to this and I need your support and motivation and hence the blog.